Ro James, Jessie J & Luke James Paid A Soulful Tribute To Toni Braxton At The 2017 Soul Train Awards

Photo Credit: Wayne Posner/BET

Of course, Toni couldn’t let the night slip away without reminding us why she’s a living legend. Stepping out on stage in a sparkling black gown, Ms. Braxton warmed up with an a capella intro of her song “Breathe Again.” She then said, “1992, when it all began, do you remember?” before segueing into her debut single with the audience singing along. Done playing games, Ms. Braxton turned things up for a performance of her 1996 hit, “You're Making Me High.” Once again, the star put the mic out for the audience to sing along. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite know the words to this one. Undeterred, the songstress kept it moving. Ripping off the lower half of her dress to reveal a miniskirt, Toni then kicked her feet up to perform “He Wasn’t Man Enough.” Seeing her younger sibling Tamar Braxton cheering her on and singing along, Toni joined her in the audience for a cute sister moment, before racing back on stage to join her dancers waiting in the wings. The star then closed out the tribute performing the dance moves from the video.

In a night full of stars, Toni Braxton definitely shined the brightest. It was a treat to relive her catalog of hits that are just as timeless as her looks and her voice. With a new album on the horizon, we look forward to the hits still to come.

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