Stokley Williams Shows How Naturally Love Can Grow In ‘Organic’

It seems like just yesterday that R&B legend Stokley Williams was releasing "Organic" as his latest single from Introducing Stokley. Well, that's because it was just shy of a month ago. However, though we've waited for what seemed like an eternity to finally get a Stokley solo album, we didn't have to wait too long to get a visual for the track. Teaming up once again with Atlanta-based video director SLASH (no, not he of Guns N' Roses fame), he's decided to give us a slightly animated clip to get his point across.

The video features Stokley as an animated paper cutout moving across a wrinkled paper background. However, as the song progress, the background becomes a bit more detailed, showing different cityscapes, include a stop in Paris with the Eiffel Tower visible in the wide shots. Each cityscape also features a different female companion for Stokely to serenade (as well as a costume change or 15 for the singer). Being that the song is titled "Organic," his choice in video vixen is a selection of au naturel sistas sporting curly locks and eager smiles as the eclectic soul man serenades them.

There's nothing exactly groundbreaking going on here, but what it lacks in spectacle, it more than makes up for in sincerity, much like Stokley himself. Check out Stokley Williams preaching the gospel of staying true to you in the video for "Organic" below.

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