H.E.R. Drives Down Memory Lane In ‘Avenue’ & Finds ‘Luv’ With BLVK JVCK

Though her true identity has been revealed, H.E.R. (aka Gabi Wilson) has still managed to keep things pretty low-key. The singer-songwriter returns after wrapping up her Lights On Tour to drop off her new video for the latest H.E.R. single "Avenue" and reveal her new collaboration with electronic production duo BLVK JVCK.

In the clip for "Avenue," we find H.E.R. hopping in her Jeep after getting a "you busy" text from a former flame. That text sets her on a journey as she cruises the late night streets to her destination. Along the way, her thoughts come alive, illustrating the song's lyrics as the city's scenery passes by. She eventually sees the last argument they had just as she pulls up to her ex's crib. In a last-minute decision, she texts him that she can't make it before she pulls off.

She shows off a different side of love for her BLVK JVCK collaboration "Mine Luv." The track rides on a shuffling, slightly tribal beat that has a nice bump to its groove. H.E.R., meanwhile, offers a subdued vocal that is perfect for the song's dancefloor-ready sound. To add to things even more amped, BLVK JVCK samples and distorts H.E.R.'s voice, layering it in and adding it in at different moments to create a trippy, yet enjoyable effect. To take the song even further, they offer up a lyric video that includes a love story between two dancers who meet up after walking past walls painted with the song's lyrics.

Looks like H.E.R. might be with us well into 2018. Take a look at the videos for both "Avenue" and "Mine Luv" below.

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