Jacob Latimore Wants To Know ‘What You Want To Hear’

Actor/singer Jacob Latimore is getting a head start on his “New Year, New Me” movement for 2018. On his latest single, “Is That What You Want To Here,” the star of the Showtime drama The Chi is letting a toxic ex know all the reasons why she needs to be left back in 2017 with Harvey Weinstein and designer Crocs.

“Is That What You Wanna Here” is a midtempo track composed of synths, stuttering drums and atmosphere elements. It is the perfect backdrop for delivering a matter-of-fact response to a lover feeling some kind of way.  Using lyrics from a past teen heartthrob, Usher, he lays down the reasons why he had to say goodbye: “What you do ain’t my concern / Used to be my superstar / Now you gotta let it burn.” While not exactly an out the gate banger, the simmering track ain’t bad for a random loosie and hits on some interesting subject matter.

“Is That What You Wanna Hear” is Jacob Latimore’s first single from what we’re guessing is a new project. It would be the follow up to his 2016 debut album, Connections. There’s no word on what the album will be named, when it’s coming out or if we’re just speaking things into existence for the new year. In any event, we have a nice little anthem to help us close out the year and leave some toxic relationships behind.

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