JONES Gets Bold In The Colorful Video For ‘Something Bout Our Love’

Since she first popped up on our radar, JONES has had a knack for thrilling us with her music videos. Though none of her clips feature million-dollar budgets, jaw-dropping special effects or celebrity cameos, they still manage to engage and thrill with simple and thoughtful treatments. The singer's latest video for her current single, "Something Bout Our Love," is no different.

The clip, helmed by first-time video director William Baker, goes big and bold with color and style. JONES, of course, if the star of the show as she poses and sings in a variety of stylish fashions and striking beauty looks. The camera loves her, especially with the vivid hues that the video is drenched in. To break up the action, scenes between two contemporary dancers engaged in a literal push-and-pull while entwined in fabric are interspersed throughout the video. This quite literal interpretation of the song's lyrics, while a bit on the nose, adds a bit to the clip's narrative for those looking for more to watch (not that we need it with the beautiful JONES on the screen).

"Something Bout Our Love," of course, is the first listen we're getting of the singer's upcoming sophomore project. While we're still awaiting further details on that one, we can delight in the track's colorful video. Take a look for yourself below.

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