Ma$e, Puff Daddy & DJ Khaled Make Up ‘Rap Rushmore’

Ma$e has been making his rounds lately after dropping a diss track about fellow Harlem rapper Cam'ron. While we still can't entirely tell who won, Pastor Ma$e is making the most of his moment back in the spotlight by dropping a new track. This time he enlists long-time collaborator Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled for "Rap Rushmore," with its artwork depicting the three entertainers' faces in a replica of Mount Rushmore.

The gritty single starts with a sample of James Brown's enthusiastic intro for "Sex Machine," and then Ma$e immediately begins to rap. While the track suggests all three artists are collaborating, Puff and Khaled actually only appear through pre-recorded ad-libs and the track is entirely Ma$e. "I'm Rap Rushmore / Feel like I should bust more / They lust more, I bust more / Give me brain, plus jaw," raps Ma$e. "I'm the only pretty ni**a from the city / Hoes or Diddy ever had love for," he continues bragging.

The rapper-turnt-pastor is clearly back in the rap game with all these musical shots he's fired as of late. We're curious what Ma$e's next move on the mic will be since Cam and The Diplomats have promised to drop a new video set in a church this Friday. While we wait to see what cooks up with this latest rap beef, listen to "Rap Rushmore" right here and let us know if Ma$e, Diddy and DJ Khaled are worthy to be national treasures.

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