NIIA Luxuriates On The Beaches Of Miami For ‘Day & Night’

If you haven't noticed, NIIA has us positively captivated. The singer, who dropped her debut I earlier this year, has cultivated a sultry image to go along with the sensual sounds of her debut album, especially in videos for songs like "Hurt You First" and "Nobody." It's no surprise, then, that the season once again collaborates with the director of those clips, Sasha Samsonova, for her latest video, "Day & Night."

While NIIA's previous collaborations with photographer/director Samsonova offer unique takes on the music video, the treatment for "Day & Night" is altogether different. That's because the director herself co-stars with the singer in the clip. They take things down South to the warm beaches of Miami, where the twosome walk the sand in barely-there swimwear (and even opting at times to wear nothing at all). Rather than give us highly stylized glam, though, this one feels much more natural, as if we're witnessing an actual day in the life for the two beach bums (and we mean "bum" quite literally, as Sasha and NIIA's cakes get plenty of screentime). But even with them just hanging out on the beach, something about the way this is shot — not to mention the singer's modelesque good looks — makes it feel like we're watching the outtakes for a Vogue fashion shoot.

Check out the picturesque clip for "Day & Night" below and, if you haven't picked up I yet, be sure to get it from your favorite retailer.

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