Smino & Terrace Martin Create ‘Pecans’ From Scratch

When two talented artists join forces, we can only be happy that the process was documented. Just in time for the holiday season, another gift that keeps on giving comes in the form of Smino and Terrace Martin's latest collaboration. The two just paired up for a Yours Truly and Adidas Original presentation of #SongsFromScratch and the result is their new track "Pecans."

The midtempo track features slick lyricism from the St. Louis emcee, who also hopped on the drums, and synths and more instrumentals from Terrace. The Adidas series documents the process of recording instrumental and vocal performances completed in one take. It was recorded to tape by Adrian Younge at Artforum Studios in Highland Park, Los Angeles. "Pecans" is the perfect mood-setter. With its ambient sounds and perfectly placed harmonies, it's an easy, jazzy listen.

Listen to the almost five-minute track right here and watch Smino and Terrace Martin record "Pecans" in one take when you press play below.

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