Tyler, The Creator Sprinkles His Musical ‘Glitter’ All Over NPR Music’s ‘Tiny Desk’

Tyler, The Creator's Flower Boy was one of the year's most surprising releases. Not because the rapper/producer/songwriter isn't talented, but because we weren't expecting him to deliver one of the year's most melodic and, dare we say, soulful outings. We already see the stank face's you're making, but we come with receipts. The Odd Future ringleader took to NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert Series and even brought his own mood lighting to woo the crowd.

Tyler's set started with backing vocalists Kaye Fox and Kiandra Richardson harmonizing the opening bars of Flower Boy track "Boredom" with the rest of his band as Tyler watched from the sidelines. He soon joined in to chime in a few deep-voiced rhymes over the song's dulcet harmonies. But rhymes (and jokes) aren't all he contributed to the set, hopping on his own personal keyboard for his romantic track "See You Again," which featured some improvised harmonizing at the close of the track from him, Kaye and Kiandra. For his final track, "Glitter," he kept the mood mellow for the most part, though it eventually broke into a tambourine-fueled jam session. However, once the music was over, the session wasn't done. Tyler opened up the floor for a hilarious Q&A session, during which he addressed his apprehension of working with a full band and then had each of the band's members introduce themselves and offer a fun fact about themselves (no, seriously).

It definitely wasn't your typical Tiny Desk experience, but it was definitely a fun time. Check out Tyler's Tiny Desk appearance below.

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