Braxton Cook Continues Pushing Boundaries With ‘Lately’

When we first met Braxton Cook, he was a talented saxophonist steeped in the jazz tradition. Over the years, however, he's proven to be much, much more. Last year, he brought us the unexpected Somewhere In Between, a heady mix of jazz and R&B that saw the saxophonist also showing off his vocal skills. Now, with a new year upon us, Braxton ready to show us yet another side with his newest single "Lately."

"Lately" is a collaboration between Braxton and rapper/producer Karnival Kid that finds our boy taking on a decidedly more hip-hop flavor. He's laced with a knockin' beat that will immediately get your head nodding, and he wastes no time getting right to it. He speaks on trying to make a relationship work, though his girl seems like she's not fully invested. So, in order to get to the bottom of things, he taps into his inner Janet Jackson on the chorus, singing, "What have you done for me lately? / All you do is drive me crazy / You know you 'sposed to be my lady / Don't you wanna be my baby?" Karnival Kid pops up mid-song to deliver a chill 16 where he expresses his love for his baby girl before Braxton closes things out with his sax and ends things on a sweet note...literally.

Writing about the song on SoundCloud, Braxton said, "As millennials, we get so easily distracted by things that we often take our loved ones for granted and it leaves you wondering; what have you done for me lately?" Well, we know what Braxton's done for us and we can't wait to hear more. Get into "Lately" when you press play.

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