Cassie Serves Up Looks & Seduction In ‘Don’t Play It Safe’

Cassie is cooking up something, though what that something is remains to be seen. What we do know is that she's dropped two singles, "Love A Loser" and "Don't Play It Safe," in the past six months along with a short film and video. She keeps the momentum going by dropping the video for the Kaytranada-produced "Don't Play It Safe" and serves up a few fierce looks in the process.

Cassie has always been a fashion plate since her 2006 debut, and the video for "Don't Play It Safe" continues that tradition. We follow Ms. Ventura from sun up to sun down in the Life Garland-directed clip. It starts with Cassie rising out of bed in some sexy lingerie to look out at the skyline from the comfort of her bedroom. She doesn't stay there for long, however, as she is soon strolling down to a swimming pool where her pet tiger, jellyfish and stingrays await. But it isn't just about the wildlife. Baby, it's all about the look. She looks like a tangerine dream in her matching swimsuit and cape and then switches it up to hip-hop flavored Louis Vuitton fit and a few fur looks before ending the clip with a closeup of a cute and cuddly teddy...bear that is.

Cassie's still playing kind of coy about what she's got coming, but she isn't above teasing us with details. "Kay and I have been working on this project for a while now," she told  The FADER. "I look forward to everyone hearing what we have in store. He just gets me." Interesting. We guess we'll have to wait and see. Take a peek at "Don't Play It Safe" below.

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