112’s Daron Jones Has Something To ‘Say’

When Daron Jones isn't rocking with 112, he's working on his own music. The crooner released his latest single "Say Sum," his first of the year, and it's an uptempo joint to add to your dancerie playlist. The track tells the tale of Daron seeing the perfect woman, who he compliments during the entire three-minute song.

The chorus featuring his smooth vocals accompanied by plenty of percussion takes his admiration to the next level. "Girl, you look so good / I had to say sum / And you just so fly / I had to say sum / Girl, your body's so fine / I had to say sum / You could be my number one / I had to say sum," he sings. The single is simple and gets straight to the point; Daron sees what he wants and goes after it. If he gets the girl remains to be seen, but he gets cool points for shooting his shot and sounding good in the process.

Daron's last EP, The Unofficial Diary of Daron Jones Vol. 2, was released this past August, so the release of "Say Sum" may be a hint there's a third installment on the way. Jones has a solo gig in Georgia on February 11th, so if you want to hear his latest single and more live, you can get your tickets over on Eventbrite now. Press play below to hear what Daron has to say on "Say Sum" and purchase it on iTunes if you're picking up what he's putting down.

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