Jorja Smith & Stormzy Are Out For Blood In ‘Let Me Down’

Jorja Smith tugged at our heartstrings with her latest single, "Let Me Down" featuring an ice-cold verse from rapper Stormzy. The melancholy dirge found Smith deep in her feelings. However, in the music video for the track she has us clutching our pearls and making a note not to get on neither her nor Stormzy's bad side.

Director Hector Dockrill's camera follows Jorja as she walks into a building dressed in a blonde wig, sunglasses and trenchcoat. She struts through the halls and up the stairs as she makes her way to an auditorium. There, she is an audience of one watching a ballet dancer practice his moves. Jorja watches the handsome, fit dancer intently and seems enamored in more than his dancing. She soon leaves, and the scene changes to Smith sitting in the back of a car and getting a package and instructions from the driver. "This time don't mess it up," he tells her in Russian, and it's clear that something nefarious is afoot. Sure enough, Jorja's character is revealed to be a hitwoman and the ballet dancer is her mark. She gets him alone and takes him out after they share an intimate moment. Once the deed is done, Smith collects herself and leaves the scene of the crime. We don't see Stormzy until the final moments of the video where he's revealed to be the mastermind behind it all.

The assassin-themed treatment for "Let Me Down" is unexpected for a song about heartbreak, but the cinematic clip works. Jorja and her target (played by ballet dancer Harry Alexander) smolder on screen separately and together. It's a enthralling visual for an equally gripping song.

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