Sing Along With Majid Jordan In The Video For ‘Gave Your Love Away’

Majid Jordan is always good for a few good bops and their sophomore album, The Space Between, most certainly delivered on that front. Their previous singles — "Body Talk," "One I Want," "Phases" and "My Imagination" — all lived up to our expectations. Their latest release from the album, "Gave Your Love Away," is no exception. The jam about regret over previous infidelities in a relationship jams a bit harder than a song about that particular subject matter should. Hell, it even has a sing-along quality to it. Perhaps that's why the fellas looked to the karaoke bar for inspiration for the song's video.

The clip focuses on a group of lovely young ladies opting to have a girl's night in at an immaculately decorated apartment that has amazing views of whatever city they're in (a fireworks display can be seen in the background through the apartment's windows). The women fire up the karaoke machine and grab a mic to sing along to (what else?) "Gave Your Love Away." This is where the video's attention to detail comes into play. As the song's lyrics are displayed on the screen for the ladies to sing, we're treated to clips of the fellas that have all the karaoke tropes you can think of. There are hazy clips of them recording in studio, dramatic black-and-white shots utilizing kaleidoscopic effects, blurry '90s-esque clips of them performing in colorful empty rooms and close-ups of random objects (mics, teddy bears, voodoo dolls, martinis, cakes, falling sheets of paper and more) that would fit at home in any random karaoke clip.

All in all, it's a fun clip that evokes the track's '90s feel without diving too deep in retro nostalgia. Gold star for Majid Jordan! Get ready to sing along when you press play below.