SiR Heats Up The Winter With ‘Summer In November’

The first few weeks of the year are usually a no man's land when it comes to music releases, especially considering the post-holiday fatigue many of us experience. However, TDE singer/songwriter SiR is looking to thaw the chilly post-holiday market with the release of new full-length project November. We've already gotten a listen of what's to come with his singles "Something Foreign" and "Something New," as well as a couple teasers on social media and the "Something Foreign" music video. Now, just ahead of the album's release, SiR gives us another reason to look forward to with his new single and video "Summer In November."

The song itself is a throwback to the sounds of '70s soul, with a chugging bassline paired with dreamy chords draped over his echoed raspy vocals. He utilizes the old school backdrop to create an actual love song in the vein of those who came before him, dedicating undying love and passion to his "Sahara in the snow." Just as the unexpected steaminess found in the song's title and lyrics, the video for the "Summer In November" captures the unique juxtaposition of hot and cold quite perfectly thanks to director Karena Evans. She makes the artful decision to employ a split-screen effect, with one side showing SiR and his leading lady frolicking in the icy terrain of wintertime Toronto. The other side, however, is an altogether different story as the two are seen looking all warm, cozy and hella intimate while bathed in glowing red light.

So far, it looks like SiR will be leading the R&B pack in 2018, and we can't wait to hear and see how far he takes it. Check out the video for "Summer In November" below and prepare for SiR's November, which drops this Friday.

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