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R. Kelly Gets Canceled By #MuteRKelly Social Media Campaign

Just when he thought that the world had forgotten about his bad behavior, it looks like the reckoning has finally come for R. Kelly. In line with the #MeToo movement, activists Kenyette Barnes and Odenike Odeleye started the #MuteRKelly campaign. “We were outraged when we discovered that R. Kelly was scheduled to perform at a Fulton County owned facility in Atlanta,” Odeleye told The Grio. “As a local government owned venue, we were upset that Fulton County would let a well-documented sex offender profit from our tax dollars and expanded the petition to include demands that the concert be cancelled.  Kenyette coined the hashtag #MuteRKelly, and a nationwide movement was born.” The movement has also been effective, causing the cancellation of eight Kelly concerts thus far, with protest and actions aimed next at two of his pre-GRAMMY events in NYC this weekend. #HesCanceled

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