Jodie Abacus Wants To Meet You ‘In The Middle’

Following the release of his second EP Mild Cartoon Violence, singer/songwriter Jodie Abacus gifts fans with a vibrant, visual treat. His single “Meet Me in the Middle,” produced by Canadian electronic producer POMO, is a catchy tune about the longing felt when two lovers are far apart. The UK crooner’s tone is full of both angst and excitement as he sings to the one he hungers for. Over a groovy, electro-pop track he pleads, “FaceTime. I’m asking you to FaceTime / I’m chasing you from far away, I’m a carnivore / Just meet me in the middle, babe.” Abacus describes the single as, “a sexy song about the desire of two people that are far away from each other yearning to be close to one another.” Sexy, indeed.

For the accompanying video, we watch as a striking beauty catches his eye and captures his heart with one glance. He’s obviously captivated and completely smitten, as we see him singing and daydreaming about her while lying in his bed. When opportunity presents itself once again during an afternoon stroll through a South London neighborhood, he wastes no time getting her attention and exchanging information. We see the attractive couple once more after dark as the two turn up at a house party. The energy and emotion in the video, from his initial intrigue to his elation later that evening, is completely palpable. Abacus says, “We had such fun shooting this, as it turned in to a full-on party after the cameras stopped rolling.”

Celebrate the thrill of the chase and watch the video for Jodie Abacus’ “Meet Me in the Middle” below. Listen to his full EP Mild Cartoon Violence, which he says is about “love, sex and torment.” More is sure to come from South London’s soul-pop wizard, so be sure to keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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