Kehlani’s Back At It ‘Again’ With Another Heartfelt Ballad

One thing that's very relatable about singer-songwriter Kehlani is how vulnerable and honest she is about love. Rather than offer treacly, lovey-dovey ballads about falling in love, she paints pictures of love in all its many facets — warts and all. After dropping off the warm and lovely "Honey" last year, the singer is back with another acoustic ballad called "Again."

Unlike "Honey," "Again" is more tart than sweet. Turning to producer Geoffro Cause once again, she tells a story of constantly crossing boundaries with love. Strains of acoustic guitar accompany her lyrics, which describe a slightly volatile affair with flowery, poetic lyrics. But though things just don't seem to work out, she has no regrets for trying to make it happen. "There was the blood from your heart on my hands again,” Kehlani vocalizes. “I swore I washed it off in the waves / I wish I was sorry, damn, I wish I was sorry / That I don’t know how to stay away.”

With her recent release of multiple singles, it's still not certain if Kehlani is planning a new album soon or just dropping off singles for the love of it all. However, we're pretty happy with either outcome, as she's been dropping gem after gem in recent months. Give "Again" a spin below and be prepared to get hit square in the feels by Kehlani once again.

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