Mamas Gun Show Us Their City Through Local Eyes In ‘London Girls’

Have you been to London lately? No? Well, pack your bags because Mamas Gun is ready to take on a trip to their town in the video for their track "London Girls." The single is our first introduction to their upcoming album Golden Days and provides just the right amount of upbeat soul that we've come to expect from the group. But how exactly did they translate the song's energy into a visual?

Quite easily, actually. Rather than give us yet another video that features a bevy of beautiful women, the clip focuses on one lady in particular. But don't get it twisted, she's not your average woman. The video's lead runs the streets, literally. In fact, she's a parkour artist. She jumps, tumbles, spins, glides and runs through many London sites like Trafalgar Square, South Bank and the famed London Bridge. As we get a firsthand view of her making her way through the city, we also are shown the group's lead singer Andy Platts singing passionately about what makes the ladies from his locale so special. Oh, and just in case you were missing the other fellas, don't worry. Each member of the group makes an appearance in both the opening and closing scenes of the clip.

We don't know about y'all, but this clip has us getting our passports together and considering a trip across the pond. See what we mean when you press play on the video for Mamas Gun's "London Girls" below.

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