Mila J’s Year In Music Continues With ‘February 2018’

When we wrote about her previous EP January 2018, we called singer Mila J prolific. That has proven to be a gross understatement on our part, as Mila returns with yet another EP this month, appropriately titled February 2018, and has us thinking that this might be an ongoing thing.

She switches things up once again, moving from January's strictly acoustic tone to a fuller sound over the course of February's six tracks. She begins with piano-led "This Month," a short song on which she laments being lonely during the month of love that eventually leads to a choir singing "Amen" to her sentiments. She continues on the topic of love throughout the set, with tracks like the bittersweet "Smile," "No Brakes" and "Imagine That Ride Home." The highlight of the set, however, comes on "Congrats," and organ-fueled jam where she asserts her independent spirit and her tendency to "chill with you like one of the homies" rather than act like a typical girl in love. She ends February with the duet "In Hindsight," which features the curiously named "Migh-X" (who, once again, sounds suspiciously like Marques Houston). It's a touching moment that finds two ex-lovers reconciling their relationship and possibly forging a new bond over delicate piano.

Giving her current track, we wouldn't be surprised if we received a March 2018 EP from the songstress next. Whether or not that happens, though, February 2018 is another win for Mila J. It's available from all digital retailers now and can be streamed via Spotify below.

Mila J February 2018 [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

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