SoulBounce Exclusive: J.Müller Lets Go In ‘I Surrender i’ Video

Home is where the heart is for South Africa-born artist J.Müller. The former lead singer for ‘80s inspired funk/pop band Black Forest Ghetto makes her solo debut with the song "I Surrender i," which speaks to a spiritual awakening she's experienced in recent years coinciding with returning to her birthplace. She spent her formative and young adult years in England but decided to move back to Cape Town in 2015. “The past few years have been extremely challenging and extremely beautiful all at the same time," she tells us. "Cape Town was such a healing time for me. I read recently that there is no place that is a better healer than home and that’s exactly where I went.”

This peaceful journey and introspection lay the foundation for "I Surrender i." About the song, J. shares, "‘I Surrender i’ is about the process of waking up and realizing that the world is not as it seems and that there is another way to perceive, and experience life on earth." She asks in the song's opening lyric, "When you wake up, do you wake up from the dream?" not expecting an answer but wanting the listener to think. She encourages more deep thought with the track's music video. Dressed in a slinky black dress and covered in silver glitter, Müller appears ready for a Friday night out on the town. Instead, she performs an interpretive dance outdoors in a grassy area surrounded by trees and shrubs. She changes locations to a more open area and continues to dance with the setting sun as her backdrop.

Feast your eyes on SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of J.Müller's music video for "I Surrender i," and prepare your ears for the release of her forthcoming EP J.Müller 2.0. The single "I Surrender i" is available for purchase now via iTunes, and she'll celebrate its release at a show at The Curtain in London on February 28th. Tickets are available for purchase in advance online.

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