Watch The Duck Gets The Job Done On ‘There You Are’

It's been six years since the duo Watch The Duck popped up on everyone's radar with their song "Poppin' Off." Group members Jesse Rankins and Eddie Smith III are still on their grind and have just released what they are calling the realest, most personal and best song they've ever made. Are their lofty claims about the track "There You Are" accurate? Well, after listening to the feel-good tune and watching the fun music video, we're inclined to wholeheartedly agree.

Over pulsating synths and an electronic beat provided by Smith, Rankins softens his gruff vocals into a more mellow tone. None of his soul is lost, however, as he passionately sings on the chorus, "I miss you more, more than a little / Wanna be where you are / Sometimes I need visuals / I just wanna open my eyes and there you are." The mid-tempo number is sprinkled with joy, love and happiness. To let Watch The Duck tell it, "This song is about seeing someone and loving that person for exactly who they are right now - not who you or people wish them to be - even if that person is staring back at you from the mirror! Look and say you’re enough for me right now & I see you!"

We see them, too, in the whimsical music video, which follows Rankins on his last day at his job. He and his co-workers are doing the most as they do more dancing, routines in offices chairs and group numbers than they do actual work. There's a little spark between Jesse and the young lady in the cubicle next to his, and the video ends with her and the rest of his officemates surprising him with a farewell cake and them dancing down a Soul Train line. This looks like the most chill and fun workplace ever; we just need to know if they're hiring.

Listen to "There You Are" and turn your workday frown upside when you watch the video. Add this feel-good jam to your music collections right now with a purchase from your digital retailer of choice and look out for Watch The Duck's new album later this year.

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