Bridget Kelly Is In Her Feelings & Looking Fierce In ‘Sedated’

Love is a very complicated thing. For some, it is a release. For others it can be a prison. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Bridget Kelly explores how love can make you feel some kind of way, both good and bad, in the video for her latest single “Sedated.” We first heard the funky mid-tempo track at the end of 2017, and we were impressed with Ms. Kelly's vocals and the subject matter. The video, while simple, does the song justice.

In the Isaac Yowman-directed clip for “Sedated” Kelly is trying to reconcile her feelings by singing her blues away. Between Ciroc product placements, we get scenes of BK looking quite sexy on a bed, looking forlornly at herself in a bathroom mirror, posing glamorously on her balcony and singing with her band. Yowman uses a variety of visual techniques to capture Bridget’s internal emotional struggle, ranging from sexy and fancy free to withdrawn and restless. Kelly has described the song as, "a metaphor for how intoxicating love can be when you have ended up on the wrong side so many times.” She succeeds in giving us just that with the visuals without being over the top. 

“Sedated” will appear on Bridget Kelly’s upcoming album, Reality Bites, due April 27th. The project will follow up her Summer of 17 and Drake EPs.  Beyond the equality impressive "Happy For Me," we haven't heard much else from her upcoming opus. Hopefully that will change as we look forward to sinking our teeth into her long-awaited debut. Until then, hit play and let us know if the song makes you feel some kind of way.

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