Chris McClenney’s ‘sidetoside’ Is A Smooth Ride

Around this time last year, we were jamming to the sound's of Chris McClenney's self-produced album Portrait In Two. The impressive debut showed a promising young talent that would have a bright future in the music biz. Well, it looks like that future is now, as Chris is bringing us some newness in 2018 with his latest single "sidetoside."

With "sidetoside," Chris treads familiar territory. The song is another love jam, with the singer-songwriter angling to get next to the apple of his eye. But rather than coming at her with some type of game or insincere come on, he opts to keep things smooth as he wishes to be next to her. Speaking of smooth, Chris also lays down a nice little groove here. With jazzy piano chords as the foundation, he adds in drums that sway and a subtle bass line (not to mention wispy synths). What results is the perfect jam to bump in your car speakers with the top down on a summer day. We might be a couple months away from that kind of weather, but we don't mind playing this while we imagine it.

There's no word if "sidetoside" is just a one-off track or a sign of more things to come. Either way, we're definitely enjoying this one. Give it a spin below.

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