Davina Oriakhi Longs For Love In ‘Lagos’

Nearly a year after embarking on "a spiritual love journey" and capturing our attention with her enlightening mix of jazz, spoken word and hip-hop, British-Nigerian artist Davina Oriakhi is back with "Lagos," her first new release of 2018. But if you're expecting to hear something akin to her debut project, Love to a Mortal, just be warned...this Bounce-Worthy singer/songwriter has moved on.

For "Lagos," she teams with Nigerian artist Tim Lyre to deliver a breezy, dancehall-influenced groove about a long-distance love affair. As she explained via Twitter, "I am not a gospel artist...So if I release songs about love, with a more "popular" sound...I haven't changed, I'm just showing you another side to my being. Because just like you, I am a multifaceted human being." Ya heard? Now, run tell that. But seriously, fans have nothing to worry about. Her artistic themes may have shifted, but she hasn't really strayed from her earthy, Afro-soul sound in our opinion.

Davina has revealed "Lagos" is "inspired by a personal experience, a very personal love story," so when you're ready to hear her spill the tea, just hit the play button below. This won't be the last new music Ms. Oriakhi drops this year, so after you purchase the single, be sure keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram for the latest.

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