Laurin Talese & Robert Glasper Make Us Appreciate ‘Winter’

There's an old Christmas carol whose title – "Ah, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind" – pretty much sums up what the past couple of weeks have been like in the northeastern region of the United States. While most of us are running to seek the nearest shelter, Philly-based artist Laurin Talese greets the cold weather with a warm embrace for her latest video, "Winter."

Taken from her lauded debut Gorgeous Chaos, the song is soothing, jazzy soul at its best. Dazzling horns swirl like snow flurries over a frosty-cool rhythm section, both working in perfect harmony with Robert Glasper's flawless keys to create a shimmery backdrop that saturates the air. An arrangement like this demands vocals that are equally engaging and Ms. Talese beautifully rises to the occasion. It's no exaggeration to say that her voice is like a luxurious blanket of down feathers, enfolding you in its warmth with tones that are soft, plush and comforting.

For the snowy visuals of "Winter," Laurin called on her videographer brother, WFRSON, to create something memorable. They found the perfect setting in Rhinebeck, New York at the Ex of In House which is part of a special project by architect Steven Holl. Set in a wooded area, Talese recently explained to Okayplayer that the amazing find "is set up for Airbnb guests in order to raise funds for the nonprofit project, which operates a gallery, architecture fellowship and sculpture trail. All the proceeds are directly sustaining this educational initiative."

Watch Laurin Talese chase away her "Winter" blues and make a mental note to book that house when the snowy season comes back around. If you don't already have a copy of Gorgeous Chaos, download it now and stay tuned for new music from this talented songbird later this year.

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