This Leven Kali & Syd Lyric Video Won’t ‘Do U Wrong’

When lyric videos first came onto the scene, they usually consisted of a song's lyrics scrolling across the screen while the song played. Over time they've evolved into more complex productions, oftentimes slick enough to double as the actual video itself. That's the case with Leven Kali's lyric video for his single "Do U Wrong" featuring Syd of The Internet fame.

Although billed as a lyric video, the clip actually gifts viewers with a full-on video experience. The clip features grainy shots in and around a sun-drenched Los Angeles landscape. The imagery jumpcuts from shots of the ocean shores to downtown L.A. to blue skies and palm trees as the lyrics flash across the bottom of the screen. Kali and Syd appear briefly, leaving much of the focus on the snapshot of a day-in-the-life in Southern Cali. It is a simple, yet complete vision.

The brainchild of Palm Studios, the lyric video provides the perfect backdrop for the midtempo groove that Kali unleashed in January. Co-written by Snoh Alegra, "Do U Wrong" is an exercise in playful seduction that finds both Kali and Syd putting their cards on the table for their respective potential lovers. This video brings the lyrics to life vividly in a way that is strong enough to stand on its own. Check out the clip below to be instantly transported to sunny California.

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