See What Moonchild Has In Store In ‘The List’

We must admit we love Moonchild and will always be fans of their soulful, jazzy ways. But outside of their sound, we also love the trio's approach to music videos. Their clips from Voyager so far are very creative and often bring us stories that we didn't imagine when hearing the songs for the first time. In effect, they broaden our perspectives on just what the songs could be about. They do it once again with their latest visual offering, the video for their song "The List."

The video for "The List" takes us to perhaps one of the most mundane places of daily life: a grocery store. But don't let the sense of the ordinary fool you. We follow a curly-haired young lady as she makes a routine store run, making sure to check off her list as she goes. However, while walking down the store's aisles, she encounters a few fantastical elements. These include freezers draped in strips of pastel crepe paper and miniature lights and a portal to a relaxing ocean scene underneath the night sky. It's enough to put a spring (and a tap) in her step as she picks up what she needs and dances her way out into the night. The band's members make appearances throughout the clip, of course, though they seem to serve as omniscient observers and jokesters more than anything else.

When they're not making videos, Moonchild is preparing to hit the road next month for a string of West Coast dates before taking things international with sets in Japan, South Korea and London. You can find info on tickets and dates on the band's website. But before you head there, check out the video for "The List" right here.



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