NIIA & Boogie Take Us On A Lonely Ride In ‘California’

NIIA's debut album has shown to have some staying power, especially when it comes to the singer releasing videos. After dropping off her sexy beachside clip for "Day & Night," she offers up yet another video for her moody track "California."

The clip goes with a different version of the song than what appears on the album, with this version adding a guest verse from rapper Boogie. However, the song's mood stays pretty consistent as both lament a love affair that lost its luster. To illustrate that further, the Bradley Soilea-directed video focuses on the backseat of a limo as NIIA sings her verse. It seems that the singer is on her own at first but a clever use of split screen reveals that Boogie is sitting beside her. That doesn't seem to be the case for long, though. As his verse and then the song progresses, the viewer realizes that the rapper's visage is slowly fading away piece by piece. By song's end, he's completely gone, leaving only a pile of clothes where he once was.

With nearly a year having passed since I's release, it seems that NIIA is showing no signs of slowing in supporting the album. In fact, she has several performances lined up in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago and a couple other locales. For dates, venues and ticket information, you can head to her website. But first, check out the brooding video for "California" below.

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