Sidibe Revisits Sade’s ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’ With An Acoustic Cover

As much as the song has been covered and played, it's almost hard to believe this year marks 30 years since Sade's "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" and its accompanying album, Stronger Than Pride, were released. Perhaps to commemorate that (or maybe just because it's still a damn good song), Sidibe is offering up an impressive cover of the song for her fans.

The singer opts to go completely acoustic for her take, inviting guitarist Leo Goh along for some time in the studio. Goh lays down a sweet melody that gives Sidibe enough room to put her own spin on the proceedings. Rather than attempt to mimic Sade's throaty contralto, she uses her airy soprano to tell the song's story of love, loss and forgiveness. Its lightness adds an air of hope and even a bit of happiness to the contemplative lyrics. Still, she manages to capture the song's emotional depth and contemplative tone quite well with her interpretation, enough so that we wouldn't mind hearing what this would sound like more fully realized.

With Sidibe releasing her new single "Unreachable" just last month, there's a possibility that could happen on an upcoming album (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Watch Sidibe pay beautiful tribute to this Sade classic in the video below.

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