SoulBounce Exclusive: SiR’s ‘Canvas’ Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint With ‘Applejac’s Unhooked Generation Remix’

We've had SiR's album November in heavy rotation ever since it dropped in January. Although that was his "official" debut to the masses on TDE, those in the know already knew and loved SiR for a long time thanks to his steady stream of solid releases over the years. SiR's fans run the gamut, including his fellow artists such as SoulBounce fam Applejac. The two met and bonded at DJ Jazzy Jeff's PlayList Retreat in 2016. From that meeting of the minds comes a collaboration that we didn't see coming with an exciting remix by Applejac of SiR's song "The Canvas."

Taken from SiR's EP Her Too, the original track is a velvety R&B head-nodder perfect for your chilling with bae playlists. On "Applejac's Unhooked Generation Remix," however, you'll want to take bae for a twirl on the dance floor. Applejac flips "The Canvas" into a soulful house banger by completely switching up the sound bed. With the addition shuffling percussion, driving synths, guitar by Khari Green and a flute solo by Rasheeda Ali of Atlanta's Wolfpack, this song is transformed into a brand new work of art.

We didn't think that SiR's original could be improved upon, but Applejac has somehow managed to do it. Clear some space, put on your dancing shoes, stretch and proceed to work it to the bone when you press play on SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of "The Canvas (Applejac's Unhooked Generation Remix)."

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