Trevor Jackson Shows Us An ‘Apocalypse’ Now & Gives A Sneak Peek As ‘Superfly’ In Movie Trailer

2018 has thus far been Trevor Jackson's year. The multi-talented young singer and actor's star is rising, and his resume is getting longer. He has become a fan favorite on the sitcom grown-ish, which ends its first season on Wednesday, March 28th on Freeform, and he is on the verge of releasing his third musical project, Rough Drafts, Pt. 1, tomorrow. When he wasn't getting busy in front of the camera or in the studio, Grown-ish Bae was flexing his skills behind the camera, too, and makes his directorial debut with the music video for current single "Apocalypse."

After co-directing the "Night Time" visual, Jackson takes sole control for "Apocalypse" and brings his vision of a world in chaos and disorder to life. As the song starts, we see Trevor fall out of a car and stumble into the street.  There's clearly something awry, with a car seen on fire in the background, debris raining in the air and people running around in a panic. Trevor looks concerned and troubled as he walks past injured and frantic individuals on his way to an unfortunate beatdown where he gets stuck for his coat and chain. The thugs send him on his way and he soldiers on, doing a flip and some stunts before linking up with a group of dancers. They all indulge in some slick choreography before Trevor meets a tragic end that we didn't see coming.

Despite the "Apocalypse" video's horrifying drama, Trevor Jackson is actually singing a low-key love song about his devotion to his girl on the track. "If we were on Mars / And there were no more stars / Only flying cars / Girl, I never would leave you / If the world blew up / Is only dust / And only us / Don't you know I would reach you," he sincerely sings on the tropical R&B track.

Look out for more music from the mind of Trevor Jackson when Rough Drafts, Pt. 1 drops at midnight. The project can be ordered now from various digital retailers. We can also expect more from Trevor on screen soon, too. The 21-year-old has been cast as the lead in Director X's Superfly remake, which has been relocated from its original Harlem setting to Atlanta and will feature a soundtrack curated by Future. This new Superfly hits theaters in June. After you get through the "Apocalypse" video keep scrolling to watch the Superfly trailer and see Trevor Jackson like you've never seen him before.

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