Davina Oriakhi & Preyé Ask The Tough Questions On ‘Vanity’

Bounce-Worthy alumna Davina Oriakhi returns with more musical food for thought. For her single “Vanity,” the London-based beauty teams up with fellow Nigerian soul songstress Preyé for an inspirational track about what truly holds value in life. Over the Gabriel Ryder-produced beat, the two make magic together as their voices blend in soothing, angelic harmony singing, “What good is the world when your soul is lost? / And what's silver and gold to a priceless cost? / Tell me, Tell me / What are we chasing?” In a world where materialism and the pursuit of status seem to reign supreme, the tune’s message is both thought-provoking and refreshing.

In addition to being a vocal match made in heaven, Davina and Preyé also seem to be kindred spirits as they co-wrote the song, both noting inspiration from the Bible. After reading verses in Ecclesiastes and the book of Mark, Preyé says, “There is nothing new under the sun, everything has been done before. The way money comes and goes makes me wonder if money actually exists. If I have an endless stream of it, would I be satisfied? Would my thirst be quenched if I drink from it? All this made me ponder.” Echoing this sentiment, and also citing the Ecclesiastes verse, Davina says that, "sharing the first draft and the beat with Preyé was truly transforming for the song as the collaboration process was a beautiful journey. She totally understood the vision, and that's the beauty of collaboration, being on the same page and bringing out the best in each other." The creative synergy between the two is quite evident on the track and given their joint SoundCloud account, fans might be in for more projects from the two.

Give Davina Oriakhi and Preyé’s “Vanity” a spin and contemplate the amount of energy you put into chasing material wealth and fleeting pleasures. In case you missed it, get a sense of just how diverse Davina’s sound is by revisiting her previous single "Lagos" and her debut album Love To A Mortal.

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