Durand Bernarr Celebrates Being Free Of The BS On ‘FNF’

If you've been a fan of Durand Bernarr since back in his AlcoholHarmony days, then you already know that the supremely talented vocalist can also be foolish in the most hilarious sense of the word. He continues his tradition of taking what could've just been a riff on a joke and turning it into musical gold with his latest loosie, "FNF."

With a production assist from DJ Fresh, Durand flips interpolations of Juicy's "Sugar Free," the Sister Act 2 soundtrack's "Pay Attention," a small swatch of La Bouche's "Sweet Dreams" and Kurt Carr's "We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary" for the potential anthem as he celebrates being free of the BS that comes with a particular kind of fella. "FNF" (which stands for F**k N***a Free, in case you thought about playing this with the kiddies around) finds Durand luxuriating in his new, bum-free lifestyle. "My stress levels been at an all-time low / Since I changed my ways," he sings on the lead verse. "Keeping my distance from the bulls**t / I’m not having it today." The chorus keeps the message just as simple, with him singing "F**k n***a free in the night / F**k n***a free in the day" with an audible glee in his delivery.

Durand's latest will have you bobbing your head, laughing out loud, shaking your head, nodding in agreement and hitting replay in its just-under-five-minute runtime. Check it out below and be sure to grab the free download of the track he's offering as well.

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