Lion Babe Gets Leikeli47 To Join Their ‘Wave’

So we definitely want that new Lion Babe like yesterday. While we still haven't gotten an official title or release date, it looks like we might be getting that much closer to both as the duo has hinted that summer is their season. And while they're dropping hints, they're also dropping new sounds by hitting us off with their latest track "The Wave."

Like most of their recent singles, "The Wave" is a vibe. Sun-kissed rhythm guitar leads the way for this one as it propels the groove forward with an effortless feel. Joining it is a well-timed horn sample and a propulsive drum rhythm that makes it a two-step-worthy jam. Jillian Hervey takes it from there with a dreamy chorus and verses that flirt and tease with the promise of a good time to be had. Also tagging along for the fun is rapper Leikeli47, who joins in for some fun while calling for "champagne by the case" and keeping the party going all night long. With spring just starting and summer right around the corner, don't be surprised if this soundtracks a cookout or 12 between now and Labor Day.

Seeing as we haven't heard a bad track yet from whatever it is that Lion Babe is cooking, we're so ready for them to announce that album release date. Guess we'll just have to gladly catch "The Wave" until they're ready to reveal it. Get into it below.

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