Mahalia Is Over It & Unbothered On ‘No Reply’

When we last heard from British singer Mahalia she was informing a potential lover that he needs to step his game up if he’s truly interested in her on the single "Hold On." Judging by her latest track, old boy just wasn't up to snuff. On “No Reply,” Mahalia lets him know he can save his breath and calls. She's not picking up the phone.

“Don't you ever call me again, love / Don't you ever call me your friend, love / Don't you try, don't you try,” Mahalia sings sweetly and resolutely on the biting chorus before telling him to buzz off and sail on. Produced by Maths Time Joy, the instrumental bed of organ, strings and drums sounds like a rework of Sparkle’s “Be Careful,” with a little bop to it. The classic break up anthem serves as a nice backdrop for Mahalia to share her own woes about a no-good lover.

“No Reply” is the latest loosie from Mahalia. We’re still waiting to hear whether this track and previous releases “Hold On” and “No Pressure” will appear on an upcoming album, but for now, we’re just grateful for new music from the songstress.

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