NIIA & Gallant Mine Vintage Discontent In ‘Constantly Dissatisfied’

It looks like NIIA wants to give us a video for every song on her debut, I. It seems like just yesterday that she dropped off the video for "California" and we've gotten clips for "Hurt Your First," "Day & Night," "Nobody" and, well, the list just keeps going, doesn't it? Well, we can add another to that list as she's giving us the next video from the set, a clip for "Constantly Dissatisfied." But to make this one extra special, she teams up with crooner Gallant, turning the song into an impassioned duet and serving us vintage glamour for the visual.

The video, directed by their mutual pal Sasha Samsonova, paints NIIA and Gallant as an Old Hollywood couple (think '50s and '60s era movie stars) whose relationship has sadly run its course. Nothing, not even their opulent lifestyle of day drinking, chainsmoking and lounging around poolside in designer fashions can cure their deteriorating love affair. It must be said that Gallant's falsetto and NIIA's throaty alto love each other and sound great together in the song. Likewise, their music video chemistry is nice to watch as they make like the modern-day Sonny and Cher at the video's close before NIIA gives Gallant an unplanned dip in the pool.

We're not sure if we'll get yet another clip from in the coming months, but we can't say that we'd be mad if we did as NIIA's visuals have been quite impeccable and stunning. Watch NIIA, Gallant and their unraveling love affair unfold while they luxuriate in mid-century opulence in the video for "Constantly Dissatisfied" below.

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