Nikki Jean Is World Weary On Comeback Single ‘People + Planes’

For a minute, we were beginning to wonder if we'd ever hear from singer-songwriter Nikki Jean again. After dropping her debut album, Pennies In A Jar, in 2011, she gave us her exquisite 2014 EP Champagne Water and then ghosted (aside from a few joints with frequent collaborator Lupe Fiasco of course). Our long wait for new music from Nikki is over though, as she's just released her single "People + Planes" and its provocative new video to go along with it.

"People + Planes" finds Nikki feeling weary about the current state of the world. She bemoans that callousness, violence, bullets and bombs have become commonplace in this modern reality. Over the track's thoughtful production, which features lilting guitar paired with stammering hi-hat rhythms and synths, Nikki poetically questions the state of the world. The song's video further illustrates her point as it shows Nikki parked in front of a TV and while watching a constant stream of television news. As the footage continues, her face becomes more and more cracked. Once it gets to the point that she's taken in all that she can of the reports, her head eventually explodes and she becomes a ticking time bomb whose countdown clock is just starting.

"People + Planes" is the first that we're getting to hear from Nikki's upcoming album, which is set to release sometime this year on Rhymesayers Entertainment. If this song is any indication, then we can expect her to tackle some serious issues with her usual poetic verve and talent. Check out the Spotify stream of "People + Planes" and the song's video below.

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