Pete Philly Has Everybody Dancing To His ‘Favorite Song’

We couldn't be happier that Pete Philly has made his way back to us, especially because his return resulted in the undeniable bop "Favorite Song." The jazzy, soulful, hip-hop influenced cut is enough to make anybody break out and bust a move. It's not surprising then that the premise for the track's video is pretty much just that.

The clip starts with Pete playing man on the street as he asks unsuspecting strangers if they'd like to come back to the studio and be filmed listening to the song and doing whatever the music makes them feel like doing. Sure, that would usually sound just a tad creepy, but several folks take him up on the offer anyway. They enter into an empty room where a phone with the song queued up waits for them to press play. Once they do so, a few of the listeners can be seen nodding their heads. But like Gloria Estefan once sang, the rhythm is gonna get you. And get them it does. Head nods turn into shimmies. Shimmies turn into two-steps. Two-steps turn into hip swaying. Before you know it, everyone is all-out dancing to the song's groove as wide smiles spread across their faces. We feel all of them, as we also found ourselves caught in the rapture of this jam when we first heard it.

Watch Pete Philly showcase the joy that only good music can bring when you take a peek at the video for "Favorite Song" below.