Pete Philly Is Back With Our New ‘Favorite Song’

The surge in technological advances combined with the ever-expanding scope of social media has created a society where new music comes out faster than we can listen to it. Yet, even with a weekly flood of fresh sounds, we take notice when some of our faves grow silent. So when Dutch rapper/singer Pete Philly reappeared on our radars after a lengthy absence, we were pretty anxious to hear what he had to offer. His new track "Favorite Song" is all the proof we need that he's not only back, but here to stay.

To be fair, the versatile musician had a legitimate excuse for being MIA – a scary battle with Lyme disease. And though he'd been dealing with the illness since adolescence, it took its toll at the height of his career, leaving him physically depleted and unable to perform. Thankfully, he's healthier than ever and back to doing what he loves. He tested the waters earlier this year with "Come Together," a soulfully joyous anthem with themes of love and unity. Equally as infectious, "Favorite Song" is a jazzy groove interwoven with colorful threads of Latin music and hip-hop. Vibrant horns, including a decidedly funky trombone, provide added texture as Pete's smooth, charismatic vocals deliver a perfectly sexy serenade.

Philly not only sings, but he co-produced the tracks (with Melle Jutte) as well. In a statement, the artist expressed excitement over his comeback, saying, “It’s taken me seven years to reconnect with you..That’s a lot of pent up LOVE that’s inside of me and I can’t wait to share it. For the first time in my life, I’m actually present, loving and healthy enough to serve on the level I believe you deserve. So, this year I’m taking you on the road to BLISS as I experience it. My discoveries come with fresh new theme MUSIC. I deeply appreciate YOU specifically for keeping tabs on me during this long but necessary rebirth."

Scroll down to hear "Favorite Song" and peep the cool visuals for "Come Together," too. Both "Favorite Song" and "Come Together" are available for purchase on iTunes now. Keep an eye on Pete Philly's website and Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds for updates while we await more new music.

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