Ro James Wants You To ‘Take It All…Raww’

While we’re still fanning ourselves over his Smoke EP, Ro James serves us another salacious round. Fair warning, his track “Take It All…Raww” is not for the prudish, as it is five minutes of provocative and raunchy goodness. From the very first note, the listener knows exactly what time it is with its slow drag and Ro’s ridiculously sexy tone. He wastes no time handing out erotic commands singing, “You don’t need no clothes / Show it off / Damn that skin’s so soft / Bend over, touch your toes and let me see it.” He tops if all off with a brilliantly placed sample from the King of Sexual Healing himself, Marvin Gaye's legendary classic "Let's Get It On." Lyrically and vocally, it’s very clear that Ro didn’t come to play on this track and fans in need of a little adult time are absolutely here for it.

While it isn’t clear whether this latest single will be featured on the second half of his two-part EP project, with a bit of digging we found out that it was co-written and produced by Cass Maya and was originally released back in 2012, with a steamy video to go with it. Whether you were up on it then, or missed it like we did, we are glad that Ro saw fit to drop this baby-maker once again. Now that he is no longer “up and coming,” the GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter has the eyes and ears of the masses, and we can’t wait to see all that he has in store.

We recommend giving Ro James’ “Take It All…Raww” a spin in a private, dimly-lit setting, preferably with an adult beverage and your lover nearby. You’re definitely going to want to engage in a bit of “playtime,” so be sure to add it to your sexy playlist.

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