‘Take A Ride’ With Rose Gold

Rose Gold returns with a soulful reminder of why we deemed her Bounce-Worthy back in 2016. Whether she’s making magic with Terrace Martin as a featured vocalist for the The Pollyseeds collective, covering classics like Selena’s "I Could Fall In Love" or crafting her own brand of cosmic cool, the Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-based beauty continues to create her own lane. Her latest track “Take A Ride” is just that, “a ride” accompanied by angelic vocals and pristine harmonies as she confesses her undeniable devotion to her lover. Her tone is full of sincerity with a hint of urgency as she sings, “I'm gonna drive to wherever you are / I’m gonna find you no matter how far / I gotta move when you want it / You gotta do whatever it takes / Show and prove, baby no doubt I'm about you.”

This latest offering is the first we’ve heard from Muva Gold Blood this year, and follows her single "Threw Me Off," which was released last December. We wait with bated breath in hopeful anticipation that this is a sign of things to come from the GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter. This breezy track was the just what we needed as the weather finally begins to break into more seasonally appropriate warmth. Our fingers are crossed that she will bless us with more jams to add to our summertime soundtrack.

Cruise along on Rose Gold’s Muva Ship and take “Take A Ride” for a spin right here. Though the rumor mill had us prepping for the release of her debut album last year, whenever she decides to give us more cool collaborations or drop a few solid solo gems here and there, we are here for it. If you know like we do, you’ll join us in keeping an eye for what’s next from Rose Gold.

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