SoulBounce Exclusive: Elijah Blake Pays Colorful Homage To ‘Belly’ In ‘Black & Blue’

Elijah Blake isn't a stranger here at SoulBounce as he constantly impresses us with his songwriting and vocal capabilities. His most recent album, Audiology, is a perfect example of this as it finds Elijah in his bag and crafting melodies that are sure to linger with you. The singer-songwriter has also been able to create impressive visuals for the album as well, like the one for "Technicolor" in which he throws back to some of the artists who've had great influence over him and his career. He gives us another throwback look with the highly anticipated video for his recent single "Black & Blue," which SoulBounce is bringing to you in an exclusive premiere.

For the clip, Elijah looks to Hype Williams' 1998 hood classic film debut Belly, recreating a scene between DMX's Tommy "Buns" Bundy and Taral Hicks' Keisha. While Elijah showers, his lady discovers another woman's number in his phone. Rather than confront him first, she dials up the other woman for a chat. She soon discovers that she can't deal with her weave-patting, tongue-popping, lollipop-licking competition, so she heads to the shower to confront her man. Elijah is aggressive at first, giving her just as much fire as she gives him. He soon softens, though, as he follows her through the stylish apartment before they eventually end up in bed as he assuages her doubts in a very physical way. Not only did Elijah and director Sean Alexander capture the action of the scene, though, they also captured the saturated color palette of the film, with rich hues of blue, pink and black being showcased throughout the video.

"...I thought it’d be super dope to include Hype Williams' incredible imagery from the movie [in] this video," Elijah said about creating the video. "Seeing how this year will mark the 20-year anniversary, I say the timing is perfect. When the director showed me the lead girl and she almost looked identical to Keisha in the actual movie, I lost it. This was hella fun to shoot."

Get an eyeful of Elijah Blake and his gorgeous co-star in the Belly-themed video for "Black & Blue" below.

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