Majid Jordan Give ‘What You Do To Me’ A Fresh Coat Of Paint For ‘COLORS’

Canadian R&B duo Majid Jordan popped into the COLORS web studio in Berlin to deliver a beautiful performance of their track "What You Do To Me." The single from their sophomore album The Space Between features the smooth vocal stylings of singer Majid Al Maskati and gorgeous keys by producer Jordan Ullman.

As the two appear on a golden-colored set, they don all black to convey the emotion of the stripped-down track. Straight, to the point and with no frills, the performance will give you some feels and leave you wanting more. If this doesn't move you, we're not sure what will.

The duo have so far released half of the cuts on The Space Between including previous singles, "Gave Your Love Away," "Body Talk,""One I Want," "Phases" and "My Imagination." You can still get their album from AmazonApple Music/iTunes and Google Play and you can catch them live in a city near you. The OVO stars are still on their Space Between World Tour and have a few more dates left in Europe and Australia until the end of July. Watch Majid Jordan's COLORS performance of "What You Do To Me" right here.

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