SoulBounce Exclusive: Plage 84 & Femi Jaye Love Your ‘Rainbow Hair’

This summer promises to be a very musical one, with several new releases coming from all over the musical world. We mean that quite literally, by the way. Take for instance French producer Plage 84, who's made a name for himself with his blend of jazz, hip-hop and soul filtered through his own electronic music outlook. He's readying his brand new five-song EP Was It Real for release next month. But first, he's allowing us to get a sneak listen to the album's upcoming single "Rainbow Hair," which is due out May 25th.

The track finds him teaming with East London rapper Femi Jaye for a true international connection that we're sure you'll want to get behind. Their reason we're so certain is because the song has an infectious swing buoyed by Plage 84's unique mix of genres. The synths are reminiscent of some of the best elements of R&B and jazz and the inclusion of hard-hitting drums keep things swingin' and swaying like a warm Saturday night out. Femi jumps into the mix with a flirtatious rap that paints him as a Casanova who has his dreamy eyes set on a woman who has him captivated and wanting to get to know her better. When Femi is spitting his poetic game all over the track, a vocoder vocal takes over on the chorus, letting the listener know that it's the rainbow hair that she's sporting that has the fellas transfixed.

"I think [Femi Jaye] and I were clearly on the same page for this track," Plage 84 said of the collaboration. "We wanted to talk about the dreamy expectations you can have of someone. We recorded it from a distance and it’s amazing to see the mix of our same feelings on the song."

"Rainbow Hair" will serve as the closing song of Was It Real, but there's plenty of good vibes to be heard on the EP when it's officially released on Roche Music on June 8th. Get your exclusive first listen of the single below.

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