SoulBounce Exclusive: Tawiah Revisits ‘Recreate’ With 3 New Songs On ‘Deluxe’ Edition

With the release of last year's Recreate, British singer-songwriter Tawiah stepped back into our consciousness to bring us her unique take on soul music. It was an amazing effort that found her expanding upon her own sound, including electronic sounds and inspired arrangements into her repertoire. If you were feeling her artistic exploration on the EP, then we've got some good news for you. Tawiah drops a deluxe edition of the EP today and it includes three additional songs — "Knock Down Ginger,"  "No Way" and "Dirty Water" — to deepen your listening experience. Best of all, SoulBounce is bringing you an exclusive first listen to deluxe edition right now!

With songs like "Queens," "Move With Me" and "Recreate," the EP was already an experience. The three additional songs only add to that. "Knock Down Ginger" is a guitar-driven exercise that features Tawiah reminiscing on the past while having a serious heart-to-heart with a friend who's lost his way. Pairing the moody guitar with hopeful chords of the chorus helps communicate a feeling of hope though the lyrics and other instruments relay a sense of despair.  Similar in mood is "No Way," though it takes on a different musical approach that relies on heavier on synths as she relays her inability to let a lover go, with her even referencing "Until You Come Back To Me" at the song's beginning to let us know just how serious she is in her convictions. "Dirty Water," the last deluxe track, turns a cacophony of sampled horns into a meditation on coping with hurt. Though each of the new tracks deals with heavy emotions, Tawiah and co-producer Sam Beste manage to create soundscapes that feel light yet manage to convey the appropriate tone, a balancing act that is difficult to pull off yet they make look effortless.

Allow Tawiah to take you on an even deeper journey when you listen to our exclusive stream of Recreate (Deluxe) below and pick up the EP from digital retailers everywhere beginning today.

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