The Internet Taps Kaytranada To ‘Roll’ With Them On A Remix

The Internet has a lot going on at the moment as they prep their fourth studio album to be released later this year. The gave us a preview of what to expect with the retro-funk groove of the set's lead single "Roll (Burbank Funk)," a rollerskating jam that would feel just as at home in 1978 as it does in 2018. As if that wasn't enough, though, the band has tapped producer extraordinaire Kaytranada to take the track into a future with a bumpin' new remix.

Kaytra takes the throwback feel of the original track and infuses with his forward-leaning style. His signature elastic bass line is present, as are his usual floating synth lines and shuffling tempo. However, while his remixes are usually pretty bombastic in sound, he lets his take on "Roll" quietly simmer and build, especially on the verses. His restraint creates an interesting, almost sexual tension as the song builds before exploding on the chorus. Speaking of the sexual feel here, it's especially exacerbated as Kaytra takes the more breathy and seductive ad-libs featured at the end of the original and brings them to the foreground. If his goal was to make the listener hot, bothered and ready to let loose all night (on the dancefloor, you filthy-minded people), then mission most definitely accomplished.

As evidenced by his previous collaborations with The Internet, Kaytranada works pretty well with the group's sound, so we hope that this remix isn't the only collaboration we get from the two parties this album cycle. Check out what he's done to "Roll (Burbank Funk" below.

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