The SoulBounce Q&A: Vivian Green Talks Motherhood, Her Mission To Support Special Needs Children & Her Music

SoulBounce: What does Mother’s Day mean to you, and how do you like to celebrate the day?

Vivian Green: My father always made a big deal of Mother's Day, and we all loved to give my mom gifts and celebrate her. I still love to celebrate her, as she is the matriarch of our family. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the givers of life itself. I can honestly say I'm not into most holidays, but this is one [that] makes the most sense to acknowledge. I celebrate it by honoring my mother. She has helped me tremendously in raising my son, and she gave me life.

SB: How has becoming a mother changed your perception of love and life?

VG: My son is 14, so I'm not a new mom. [laughs] But motherhood should change anyone into a more selfless person than they were before. If it doesn't, something isn't right. [laughs] It makes you think a lot less of yourself and makes you more cognizant of your actions and your image.

SB: What is the most significant lesson you’ve learned about parenting and being a mother from your own mom?

VG: Hmm, there are so many. My mother always had us around different races of people and people of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Those experiences gave me an amazing social education of people, and also a confidence that allows me to walk into any room and feel completely comfortable. This is something I am definitely passing to my son.

SB: Your son Jordan is a miracle and a gift. What message do you want to share with mothers of special needs children?

VG: Never be afraid to speak up and go to war for your child. Being a special needs mom comes with some constant battles. A fight within yourself to always remain optimistic and hopeful, and a fight with the world to treat your child like the human being they are. Loving your child unconditionally will give you the strength and tools you need to fight these battles.

SB: How do you balance career and caring for your son?

VG: My INCREDIBLE mother. She has been my co-parent the past 14 years. I honestly don't know how I would balance everything without her.

SB: Would you like to have more children?

VG: No. [laughs] I'm a one and done kinda gal. If God has other plans I guess we shall see.

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