The SoulBounce Q&A: Vivian Green Talks Motherhood, Her Mission To Support Special Needs Children & Her Music

SB: You are the ultimate creator as a mother and an artist. What’s next for you in terms of your career and what you want to create or accomplish?

VG: Aww, thank you! Right now I'm beginning on album number seven while at the same time gearing up to release the second single from VGVI called "Vibes." Longevity is the goal. I'm at 15 years, so I hope to get in another 15 and then another. [laughs] It's not an easy business, so I'm always grateful I've been able to remain.

SB: What do you want people to know and get from your latest release, VGVI?

VG: I truly love VGVI and worked so hard on it. Some of the music is nostalgic as Kwame (the producer) was inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s on a few tracks. Other tracks go house, reggae and dance, but it is ALL soulful. While my description may sound like it's all over the place, Kwame made it magically cohesive and his drum programming drives so hard that the energy of the album is always up, even on the slow songs. The topics were well thought out and very specific and not all about love. Lyrically it shows the continued growth of my journey as a woman.

SB: Any message you’d like to share with all of the mothers out in the world making magic every day for their families?

VG: Mothers make sure you ALWAYS know your worth and surround yourself with people who do also! And remember to put on your oxygen masks FIRST before helping others!

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