VanJess Has Us Hooked On Their Many Looks In ‘Addicted’

Hi, we're SoulBounce and we are addicted to VanJess. The sister duo has been rocking our world since we first discovered them and, like our girl Diana said, if there's a cure for this, we don't want it. Thankfully, the ladies have been consistent in giving us our fix, dropping single after single and the occasional new video. The latest is the clip for the appropriately named "Addicted."

Unlike their previous clips, "Addicted" keeps the focus squarely on them as they pose it up against several different setups. One finds them perched among jungle-like plants in a warehouse in mix-and-match prints and hats, another finds them bathed in red light against a wooden crate while dipped in crimson threads. The most dramatic of the sets, though, finds the ladies decked out in white as rain pours from the sky. With the focus on them and their unique style, a mixture of seductress and tomboy, the ladies demand your attention as they offer up the song's sensual groove and fix viewers with flirty glances. Taking full advantage of the temptress vibes they're putting out, they end the clip with the tease of another song before fading to black to credit the video's director, Johnny LeFlare. But if you're patient enough to wait just after that, the ladies tease something else: Silk Canvas, which happens to be the name of their upcoming debut album.

What can we say, the ladies know how to keep us hooked. Check out the video for "Addicted" and stay tuned for more info about when we can expect Silk Canvas to finally drop.

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